Julia Albrecht
Destiny of a white horse

Destiny of a white horse

Germany / USA

2017 / 2018

In the German language, a white horse is referred to as a “Schimmel”, connoting something which is full of mildew or rot.
Many white horses become afflicted with equine melanoma and often overcome by the disease.
Unseen for some time within, the cancer in its final stages protrudes and reveals itself in the orifices of the animal.
Aesthetic beauty is an amalgamation of subjective values and forms which are pleasing to the senses.
The photographs present an equivalence between death and beauty.
When a fetid body rendered beautiful, wherein lies the repulsiveness?
At the center of these photographs, the Schimmel is as a metaphor for quotidian paradox;
from the realm of personal affairs to broader considerations of contemporary society and coaxial allegories of mortality.