Julia Albrecht
Whats left is an empty room

Whats left is an empty room




One room. Something solid which you can adorn, equip with things. Something like this doesn’t break or goes away. It’s there.
Out of any reality and for one moment everything around doesn’t matter. No variable to much which could influence. Just the two humans inside and their story. It's about opening oneself to the other. How she sees him. How he sees her. But still shaped by one of them. To be naked through your clothes. And dressed up even when you have nothing to wear.

The feeling used to be with each other and now distance. What is different? What's left? Accumulation of emotions. It's never easy to cover this gap they already built but up and pretend for a moment just like their were some time ago. To work together, with the certainty, that nothing is going to be the same after this. To be your own individual again. Going your own way and be there just for yourself. To don’t want to understanding that something like this can disappear. The points which are understandable or don’t want to be understand. To don’t know what the other person is thinking anymore. One last talk, but some words untold. Potential which was never scooped. Acceptance by uncertainty for each other.

It is not the solution and you know you have to give up. You give it away.
And after all, the decision is made - „We are done.“